I’m an interdisciplinary artist, podcaster, and mental health advocate in Norfolk, Virginia. Nice to meet you!

Pickles and Vodka: a Mental Health Podcast

imperfect people having imperfect conversations.

Are you tired of struggling in silence while everyone around you does the same? Are there parts of yourself you never talk about because you’re afraid of being stigmatized? Are you sometimes a little afraid of what goes on in your own head?

You’re not alone.

Join Christina and guests as they attempt to break down stigma and maybe laugh at themselves along the way.

Through the art of candid conversation, Pickles and Vodka tackles mental health with a blend of empathy, insight, and humor. Topics range from addiction and eating disorders to depression and harm reduction with everything in between.

New episodes are published every Monday from wherever podcasts are available. See links below for ways to listen!




Depressive Type is an ongoing artistic endeavor with the goal of turning pop art into a conversation about mental health.

Pieces focus on a quote, a word, or a concept that somehow relates the feelings nobody ever talks about in real life. The result is art that draws the viewer in with tongue-in-cheek humor and ends up touching a part of them they keep hidden.

mixed media collage

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about christina

After growing up the oldest of 7 in a Navy family, Christina Jumper studied multimedia production in Tulsa before taking a break from academia in 2012. After dabbling in multiple fields and spending several years in Austin and then DC, she returned to school and graduated from Arizona State University with a BS in Graphic Information Technology in late 2018.

In 2019, Christina moved to Seattle in the hopes of changing careers. During the following months, her lifelong mental health struggles forced her to seek treatment and place her ambitions on hold. Eventually, she became sober from alcohol and got a marketing job in the events industry, but continued to battle an eating disorder.

In January of 2021, she crowdfunded the means to seek residential treatment in Bellevue, WA. After completing her treatment program, she made the decision to return to the east coast to be closer to family and study addiction prevention and treatment.  As of late 2021, Christina resides in Norfolk, VA, where she continues to be an advocate for both addiction and eating disorder recovery.

In addition to being a designer and podcaster, Christina is a motorcycle enthusiast, has two cats, and changes her hair color on a regular basis. Her worst quality is reading no less than 3 books simultaneously at any given time and never finishing any of them.


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